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Record your computer screen using YouTube, without installing anything

5 Youtube tricks you probably didn't know

5 Youtube tricks you probably didn't know

You need record your computer screen but you don’t have any program at hand? You can do it with YouTube.

We all know Youtube As the quintessential online video platform, millions of hours of video are uploaded and replayed and all kinds of events are also broadcast live.

Those broadcasts can be public or private only with the people you love, but at the same time that function serves something as interesting and useful as record your desktop (without anyone else seeing it, of course).

Record your desktop using YouTube

Recording our desktop is very useful in some cases, such as explain to someone step by step what to do or include those screenshots in other videos. There are many dedicated programs to do it, both paid and free. And we go through some of them, however, if you are on a foreign computer (or limited so that users cannot install anything) and you need to record the desktop,YouTube gives you the opportunity to do so, at least to get out of trouble.

It is likely that you do not hear the option to record desktop on YouTube, and that is because it does not exist as is, however we can take advantage of the options of the live broadcasts to do it. Just go to the Live Events page, if you have never done a thing to enable the option, it takes a few seconds and is very simple.

live broadcast youtube

When you have done just click Create live event, it is not necessary that you have neither a webcam nor a microphone connected, after all, all we want is to record our screen.

Then you will see the configuration of the live show, a screen where we must choose a name, the date it starts, a description that really does not serve us at all, the only option that interests us is that of privacy, where you have to dial that the direct be Private, so no one will know what you are doing (or, if you want to share it, you can do it by sending the URL directly, but in principle you will not share it with anyone).

After that, tap on Live stream now and it will take you directly to Hangouts.

And here’s where the trick is: in the options panel on the left you’ll see a green icon with a white arrow, it’s the Share your screen, click and select your screen, the one you want to record (if you only have one, only one will appear). Finally click Share and start the live broadcast.

All the movements and changes you make on the screen will begin to be recorded and, when you finish the broadcast, that desktop capture video will be saved automatically as Private in your YouTube video list, and now you can download it, share it, edit it or use it for whatever you need.

Obviously this is not the main use of this option, in theory it is to show our desktop to Hangouts participants, and it is not the best way to record the screen if you want to do gameplays or videos that need fluency. In any case, it is a good tool if you don’t have anything better at hand.

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