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Readmill releases update to comment books as we read them


Do you remember Readmill? My partner already told you about it a couple of years ago, presenting it as an essential discovery for electronic book readers with which to share readings, discover users with similar tastes and consult book recommendations, bringing with his arrival a new social touch to the reading of e-books.

Improving and expanding the possibilities of the previous version, we get a new Readmill for iOS that allows us to carry out additional actions such as seeing opinions from the Readmill community, making comments, commenting and discussing fragments of a novel and debating on various topics without having to abandon the book we are reading. We can also highlight fragments of the work ourselves simply by pressing with our finger and dragging it around the fragment of interest.

These new features continue to focus on what is the essence of Readmill since it came to our stores, which is to offer e-book readers a more social experience and an opportunity to discuss and comment on what they read in community, now from the same book.

The truth is that the fact of being able to comment on a book and its paragraphs live and in community opens many doors not only for philologists or literary students, but also for those fans of reading who want to go further. I leave you here the link to the new version of Readmill in iTunes for iOS devices, being the free app.