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Readdle Calendars 5, now available on iOS


A few months ago we told you about Calendars, an application for iOS that synchronized calendars in GCalendar with our iOS device, including information on our events, lists, tasks and various notes and with which we can customize colors, alarms and reminders.

From the same creators of Calendars, Readdle, Calendars 5 is now born, a new application focused on the organization of our daily life with automatic text recognition to create events and synchronization with calendars in iOS and Google Calendar, just like its predecessor app. Analyzing what stands out from Calendars 5 compared to the previous Calendars, the first includes an English language recognition that will automatically create events for us from the text we enter, and in the same way offer us a task organizer that includes a follow-up from our to-do lists.

Also optimized for iPad, the calendar takes advantage of the large screen of the device to offer us a more complete interaction with the calendar via touch, all in an interface focused on creating, editing and deleting events so that we can control everything planned in the gives, week or month in a simple glance, which after all is what interests us.

We also have an online and offline operation to edit the information on-the-go even though we do not have Internet access. Let us remember that Calendars 5 is not free, but it is worth it if what you are looking for is an application that synchronizes all our calendars in one and that has almost all the utilities that we could want. You can download it at this link to iTunes.