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Read It Later is renamed Pocket, to save what we want to read later

Read It Later is renamed Pocket, to save what we want to read later

The growth of information sources on the Internet means that in many cases we cannot attend to all the articles readings in which we are interested, so the appearance of Read It Later has allowed us to create our lists of articles pending reading in moments when we have more time. Read It Later is already an old friend who has helped us a lot to manage our pending readings, an old friend who has just modernized with the change of name, aesthetics and how it works.

Pocket, which is how to call Read It Later from now on, has an official extension in the Chrome Web Store that will allow users, both through its button that we will have in the interface of our Chrome browser, and through from the context menu, send the URLs of the content to our account to be able to access them later.

The links that we have stored in our accounts will be accessible through the web version, through applications and desktop utilities, or even through its mobile applications, existing for many platforms, including iOS and Android. What’s more, Pocket is integrated into applications of all kinds, the latest being Zite, Pulse and Flipboard, among others.

As the saying goes, renew or die, and Pocket has chosen to renew to continue offering us their service as best as possible.

Link: Pocket | Goes: Chrome Story