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React Messenger, a messaging application that captures faces and reactions


In most of the existing messaging applications (whatsapp, LINE, spotbros, wechat, hangout, etc.) the texts are sent in the same way, without any automatic image that accompanies them, without any extra context, such as traditional chat rooms. lifetime.

That’s what they want to change in React Messenger, an application created for iPhone (Android version on the way) that allows displaying the text together with a thumbnail of our face, automatically captured when we press Send.

In this animated gif, released on Google Plus, we see what is the procedure we have to carry out to communicate in this way:

It does not save the history of the chats, only the last messages, and allows sending both the capture of the front camera (our face) and the rear camera (to show what we are seeing at a certain moment), making emoticons of all the Forget life being replaced by our real reactions.

The idea is attractive and entertaining, despite the fact that battery and data consumption may feel the effect of using this system instead of the traditional text.

It is clear that to gain a place in the world of mobile chat you have to innovate, so welcome are all the tests that we will continue to see over the next few months, who knows where the next snapchat is hiding …