javascript contador Saltar al contenido, the new social network for fashion fans is the new startup created by Alvin Woon, an entrepreneur who at the time already presented us with projects such as Heello, FriendFeed, Rejaw or Plurk, a social network that currently already has 10 million users and was considered a rival to Twitter. In this case, was born as a social network dedicated to fashion so that users can, from mobile and web, browse displaying various sets, styles and outfits of registered users as well as sharing theirs, this being the main use of the site.

The social network combines features of fashion ensemble organizing applications such as Closet or NetRobe with the typical social network functionalities to share our clothes so that other users can pinpoint and rate them. was born a couple of months ago, with 35,000 active users who publish an average of 25,000 posts a day in total. For now Asia is the main target market in, but the startup also plans growth in the US and Spanish-speaking countries, countries in which it intends to offer analytics on trends and fashions to companies engaged in the sector.

As we read in TC, one of the most remarkable characteristics of is the presence of an algorithm that learns from the material we are publishing and ends up sending us suggestions on what pieces of clothing we already have we can combine, taking into account what we usually wear and what is fashionable in our area.

Today, the creator of is exploring possibilities for monetization, aimed at promoting fashion brands and, eventually, offering catalogs of these brands within the same app.