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"Ransomware as a service". This is how selling malware on the Dark Web works

This is what you have to do as soon as a ransomware infects you

This is what you have to do as soon as a ransomware infects you

The fashion of doing services for everything has only just begun, although perhaps it has gotten a little out of hand.

The DeepWeb, unfortunately, is the perfect hiding place for criminal or dubious activities. This includes the sale of drugs and narcotic substances, the distribution of child pornography or gore, or the hiring of hitmen. Is a very small part of the Deep Web, but it’s a part that exists.

And one of those scary parts is cyber threats, that part where Internet becomes violent to withdraw money. Combine that with the fashion of doing a service for absolutely everything what you can think of, and voil: we find ourselves with the possibility of being able to buy ransomware to scam users.

Ransomware as a service, the latest from the Deep Web


Browsing the Deep Web call we find the page of a certain jeiphoos, who offers us Ransomware as a service. The theory is simple: this individual offers us a ransomware which encrypts users’ data and asks for a ransom to recover them. We just have to enter our Bitcoin address, and the jeiphoos website will generate a ransom for us.

The business for this person is that the creator takes a minimum of 5% of the ransom. The it gives us a ransomware that theoretically works, and it is up to us to figure out how to introduce the threat between users and they pay. This man also gives us what is needed for the victims to decipher the files, and is in charge of making the distribution before we get the money.


According to the statistics that the author himself maintains on the website of the tool, Ransomware as a Service has encrypted the data of 2,297 victims. 27 users have paid -1.18% of those affected- and there are 3 users with incomplete payments. We can choose the ransom price we want, a discount if we pay quickly, allow the user to decipher a limited number of files for free, and put the percentage that we want to grant to the author.