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RankPanel – analysis of the positioning of words and domains in Google

RankPanel - analysis of the positioning of words and domains in Google

If you have any type of website on the Internet, in addition to offering the best content to visitors, you have to take into account the level of positioning through search engines. And a good way to see it is offered RankPanel, a tool that came out as a public beta last week, and has a set of utilities that through analysis with tables and graphs make you have a complete view of the positioning of any term or domain in the different Google locations it supports, from the United States to Italy, passing through Spain.

To use this suite of tools, you must register and choose both the local Google search engine from which you want to get the results as well as the keyword or domain to search for. Once the search is done, you will access an overview based on tables and graphs that will allow you to get an idea of ​​the performance of the search term in the chosen search engine. You can always change the keyword or domain, or even the search engine, but also, you have other sections that for the most part will delve into the information obtained in the overview.

It is also important, even if only to browse, to know the positioning of the most important domains according to the chosen search engine, knowing which of them improve their position and which of them lose, by a certain date, both for the organic results and the paid ones.

Link: RankPanel