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Radurls – The most popular links on social networks updated every few minutes


At we have a page that shows the links that are being shared the most on social networks at the moment.

They created it a few weeks ago on announcing that the update frequency would be 15 minutes. Although that number has disappeared from the main page, which suggests that this frequency has decreased.

The idea is to be able to detect what is going viral at a certain time. It is possible to order by the number of times it is shared on Twitter, Facebook and in general, always showing the numbers that have allowed a link to occupy one position and another.

They are the 100 most popular links, although it does not mean that they are the most interesting on the entire web. In the end, it is always the same sites that appear there, those with tens of thousands of followers who disclose almost everything they share. Radurls is in English, and only tracks sites in that language, so the news that occurs in our pass, or the content of the sites in Spanish, will not appear on their lists.

It can be useful to understand the origin of certain memes, or to laugh for a while with the funniest images of the moment (they always occupy the first positions), but it is far from becoming a good source of current news.