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Radio Galaxy Zoo, new project to help discover black holes


We keep adding and adding to the list more projects created by Zooniverse, and when not a week ago we told you about the new Milky Way Project – a project in which to classify thousands of new images taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope in our galaxy – Zooniverse told us Now it poses a new challenge. Its name is Radio Galaxy Zoo, and the goal in this case is to help astronomers find black holes.

In the same way as in the last update of the Milky Way Project, Radio Galaxy Zoo provides us with infrared images to locate and classify new celestial objects, focusing the search on black holes in this case. The Radio Galaxy Zoo website explains that these celestial objects are normally at the center of many galaxies: the larger the galaxy, the larger the hole tends to be and, therefore, the more relevant is the effect that their presence it has in the galaxy – large black holes drag all material close to them and cause objects around them to move at almost the speed of light.

Our collaboration and classifications, then, will allow scientists to reach a conclusion about the causes of the eruption of these black holes and to know how they affect their environment and the galaxies that surround them.