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Quip now allows you to import documents from Microsoft Word, Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox


The expansion in society of the daily use of mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets, has allowed the appearance of new services and applications that allow them to get the most out of them in different areas, changing the ways in which traditionally We carried out a series of activities, such as writing the documents themselves.

Quip is a collaborative word processor present both on the web and on mobile devices, having a mobile application available for iOS as well as another in preliminary phase, in tests, for Android, which allows users to collaboratively edit documents in time combined with its messaging function, which allows us to be in contact at all times with our own contacts, that is, we have collaborative editing functions in real time of documents with a messaging system.

According to Techcrunch, this word processor has been created by Bret Taylor, ex-CTO of Facebook, and by Kevin Gibbs, creator of Google Apps Engine, and which was launched in July of this year, in which until Our days have allowed the edition of thousands of documents and generating millions of conversations.

Well, Quip today brings us a series of novelties, starting with the possibility of importing documents from programs and services, such as Microsoft Word, Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox. But also, it brings more options to customize our experience with inbox filters, notification settings, and a focus mode to silence alerts.

Precisely, the import of documents is one of the most requested functions, which for Quip understands that users have changed the way they carry out their documents, going from using traditional desktop applications, leaving these for exceptional cases, using each more and more platforms that allow online collaboration. In addition to that, the Quip team hopes to be able to add export options, starting with exporting to a format like Word early next year.

Users who want to know more about Quip, just have to register for free, and in one of their test documents they already tell us the main features of this platform, which is undoubtedly one more option that we can take into account when choosing platforms for collaborative document editing in real time, in which it is also available in Spanish.