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qSnap allows you to capture images from websites, edit them and share them


Do we need to take screenshots of websites? We have plenty of options, although perhaps as complete as qSnap not so many, having an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

qSnap allows us to capture visible areas or complete pages. They then go to the editing area, where we can make some adjustments, make annotations, as well as compare them with other images that we have locally, uploading these images in PNG or JPG format.

Once we have finished editing the captures, we can save them locally on our own computers or choose to save them online by uploading them in our user account that we will create on the same qSnap platform, either by traditional mail or either through Twitter, Facebook or Google. The fact of having our captures hosted online in qSnap will allow us to share them on social networks or via email.

It should be mentioned that both the use of the extension and the hosting service itself is completely free, having our online captures organized through albums, so that we can access our captures through the search engine and by classifying the results by dates of creation or by names.

In this way, if we are working on the design of a website for a client, qSnap allows us to offer the screenshots of it with the corresponding annotations so that the concept can be much clearer.

It is a resource to be considered by both website designers and developers.

Link: qSnap | Via: WebResourcesDepot