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Qilroy, geolocated conversations

Qilroy, geolocated conversations

In each place a series of conversations take place, and under that premise we have Qilroy, a communication system (I don’t know whether to call it microblogging) that allows us to start or participate in the existing geolocated conversations, which can be answered by any other user.

For this it is We need to share our location with Qilroy, to detect it from our system and from then on we can search conversations close to us or to a specific point, being able also to access the geolocated tweets and updates from both Twitter and Facebook respectively close to the specific geolocation point.

Depending on the selected location, in each update we will see the distance from it to our selected geographic point and the time it was published. Likewise, the updates that we post for any specific location can also be shared for both Facebook and Twitter.

Apart from access from our computer system, in terms of mobile devices it currently supports iPhone terminals, using GPS to detect the geolocation of users. Maybe if you think about it a little more, you can reach more people, at least within the sector early adopter.