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Pushion, a system to send push notifications to those who install our apps


We are now presented with a mobile push notification tool. It is Pushion (, a platform that programmers can integrate into their applications to send push notifications to their users intelligently, fleeing the mobile spam that most of us are already used to.

The installation allows developers, among other things, to know the people who have downloaded their app, communicate with them, obtain relevant information from their users.

Just by registering in it we can get a 100,000 push package to boost iOS applications. They are already working on the Android and Windows phone platforms.

Obtaining information from the users, the messages we send can be segmented via push, thus increasing the chances of success in obtaining the attention sought from the database of those who installed our applications.

Once the installation is done using the SDK (they have a step-by-step guide to do it), we will be able to access a web panel from where we will see the statistics and we will be able to send the messages, remembering that whoever decides if something is spam or is not the user , so it is recommended not to abuse the system if you do not want to see how the application leaves the phones at an impressive speed.