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Pujahoteles – Decide the price you want to pay in hotels

Pujahoteles - Decide the price you want to pay in hotels

Gustavo Valbuena, founding partner of, presents us with this project that can help us find good places to spend our vacations at the price that we decide.

The objective of the project is to allow the hotels to occupy the rooms that would otherwise be empty, doing it at a special price listening to the rate that their future client is willing to pay for it, adjusting to their budget.

[…] Our business model arises from the main idea that a hotel room is a perishable product, if I fail to sell it today I lose the opportunity to do so. And on the client’s side, reduce the time he spends looking for offers, comparing hotel prices that suit his budget.

As users we first have to select the city where we want to travel, as well as choose the hotel in which we want to stay. Once the decision is made, we have to bid down for the price of the room. The hotel has a maximum of 3 hours to accept the price that the user is willing to pay for the reservation, being completely confidential offers between the user and the hotel.

The business model is not only succulent, the idea is excellent for tourists and hotels that, surely, will begin to be integrated into the platform en masse (currently they are in the phase of attracting hotels, with plans to have more than 100 in the next six months). An eBay for the tourism sector that, as we have seen in recent months, is usually a pioneer in the adoption of new technologies.

Pujahoteles rewards the most active establishments on the Web, highlighting on the first page those who have accepted the most bids and the last hotels to accept them, which is a good opportunity to stand out from the competition.