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Published Metablog of the 2nd. Edublogs Contest “Making knowledge more and more free”

Published Metablog of the 2nd.  Edublogs Contest "Making knowledge more and more free"

As part of the I Virtual Congress and II Online Conference on Free Knowledge and Education (CLED 2010) the 2nd. Edublogs Contest Making knowledge more and more free, coordinated by Professor Katiusca Pea from UNEFM. Within this framework, the general coordination of CLED 2010 has published a metablog from which each of the edublogs registered in the contest can be accessed.

In this way, the metablog named Edublogs CLED 2010 at the same time it constitutes an invaluable repository that combines educational experiences framed in the different levels and modalities of Ibero-American education. It should be noted that for a few weeks the evaluation sheets of the blogs registered in said contest have been in the hands of the group of experts.

The categories are:

Teaching blog: Individual blog of a teacher, with content and teaching strategies. It refers to the type of blog that contains periodical and updated publications with: reflections on classroom work, pedagogical action and education in general, resources that can be reused or used by other teachers, teaching materials with activities for students and / or proposals for educational projects.

Collaborative teaching blog: Blog with the same characteristics as the previous one, but where different teachers participate, either from the same area of ​​knowledge or not. The participation of teachers from different institutions or from the same institution will be considered in this category, in which case, it should be indicated who fulfills the functions of coordinator or manager.

Institutional informative blog: Blog of an educational institution, teachers, students, members of the administrative staff and workers participate in publications, to publicize the daily activities that are carried out in favor of education and the community. In this case, the award will be given to the responsible teacher or blog coordinator.

Classroom Blog: Blog where students together with their teacher write and post stories about their activities, classes, homework and exercises. In this category there will be several mentions to award: A) Preschool and Primary, B) Baccalaureate, C) Professional training, D) University education and E) Special education. In this case, the award will be given to the responsible teacher or blog coordinator.

Student blog: Blog where one or more students publish articles on educational topics, the resolution of exercises, comments on educational activities carried out or proposed in classes, establish meetings and / or agreements on an educational project. Only blogs whose author (s) students are of legal age will be directly admitted. In the case of underage students, one of their teachers as responsible or coordinator must assume the registration and direct participation in the event. The certification in this case will be made with the name of all the students with the role of editors involved.

Blog Planet: The formula for this category is that a main Blog a teacher, shows publications of educational interest, special news and links to other blogs of the same line of discussion, subject or institution. In this category, teachers’ blogs that link to different student blogs or other teachers are considered with the consent of those involved. In this case, the award will be given to the responsible teacher or coordinator of the main blog.

Blogs on issues of educational responsibility and social sensitivity: dedicated to the publication of news, anecdotes and proposals on the development of cultural and sports activities and the sharing of knowledge with the communities.

Link to the Metablog: