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Protect your privacy on the Internet with these applications and websites

Protect your privacy on the Internet with these applications and websites

The utility that turns Windows into a more secure operating system

Applications, websites and tips that will allow you to improve your privacy on the Internet.

Security and privacy while surfing the internet is an area of ​​growing concern in the era dominated by the web of networks. From what we share through social media to what we share in private, much of our data is on the Internet.

In this sense, we have to admit that it is really difficult to control who sees this data. It is for this reason that it becomes fundamental have the right tools to protect our privacy as much as possible.

Protect your data with two-step authentication

Two-step authentication is gaining more and more popularity among those users who are not willing to give up greater security for their digital accounts. Thanks to this website we will be able to know which are the websites and services that have this security system.


Two Factor Auth informs us which websites support the 2FA protocol and which do not. For example, our secondary token may be hardware or software related and differ in how you receive it: email, phone call, or SMS.

IoT Scanner, closing the door of our devices

Technology and the advent of the internet have made us change the way we live. But this also It has some risks that we are sometimes unaware of.

The fact of having smart televisions or refrigerators means that we are always connected to the internet, so the door for hackers is there. At this point, it should be noted that the IoT is a nightmare for user safety.


IoT Scanner is a very simple tool that calculates which of our devices is publicly open. Check the IP address of all gadgets that are connected on our home network and See if they are openly available on Shodan.

Protect all your internet connected devices

For those who don’t know, Shodan is a database of devices accessible publicly from the Internet., delete your accounts in old services with one click

Over the years, surely you will have made use of your Gmail email account to register for different services. Moreover, on many occasions we can forget how many places we are registered.


And it goes without saying that it can be dangerous if you use a single password for different services and it is hacked. All our data they could be in danger. examines our Gmail inbox looking for all those services to which we have subscribed. Although you read our emails looking for this information, our privacy is assured when working offline.

Avoid being tracked with Privacy Badger 2.0

Websites always do track our activity. On any website, even in something as everyday as liking a photo or sharing a publication, we are always leaving a trail.

All of that information is used to create a profile of ours, which is sold to advertisers. Do you want to stop that? Privacy Badger is what you need.


Privacy Badger is designed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an independent, non-profit group that protects Internet consumers. Thanks to this plugin, available for Google Chrome and Firefox, we can avoid leaving this type of trace and we will not be exposed to this type of malware.

To install it we will only have to access the official website and follow the steps that will take us to the official extensions store of our browser.