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Protect all your notes: encrypted applications to write whatever you want

Protect all your notes: encrypted applications to write whatever you want

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These are the best applications of encrypted notes, to preserve your privacy in everything you write. Do not leave your notes within the reach of anyone.

Until not so long ago, Evernote was the undisputed queen of note apps. Little by little it was losing popularity due to bad practices with advertising, but the last straw came at the end of last year. Evernote announced that its employees were going to have access to notes of all users.

After complaints from many customers and the entire tech press, they stepped back within two days and canceled this change in privacy policy. However, this helps us get an idea of ​​how (very little) our services are taken seriously. Privacy. And in a field like note apps, this is especially important.

Point-to-point encrypted note apps

The problem with Evernote is that although they encrypt the notes, encryption is not active. point by point. All information is decrypted on the server. This is what gives rise to measures like the one mentioned above. And like Evernote, many other note services decrypt on the server.

Fortunately, there are quality alternatives They respect and protect user privacy with end-to-end encryption.


Turtl is a note service open sourcefocused on privacy. So much so that they do not store your password. It is not that they store it encrypted, it is that they have no way of accessing it directly. If you forget your password, you have no way to get it back.

It has a tag and folder system to keep your notes organized, but still has a simple interface. You can use Turtl in Windows, Mac, Linux and Android (Soon also on iOS, they say).


Laverna is a note service that doesn’t even have a central server. In other words, they cannot access your notes, not even encrypted. You have to use your Dropbox account as a server, which you link to Laverna to access the notes.

As an interesting feature, Laverna has Markdown support, so you can comfortably format your notes. The only problem is that at the moment they do not have a mobile application (yes for Windows, Mac, Linux and web), although they assure that one for Android is on the way.

Saferoom: encrypted notes in any service

If you love how Evernote works and don’t want to switch services, there is still a safe solution for you. Saferoom is an application that acts as an intermediary between your notes and the Evernote or OneNote servers to send all the encrypted notes. It is not an optimal solution and does not work on Mac or Linux, but it is better than nothing.