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Programr – online programming laboratory, adds support to create Android applications

Programr - online programming laboratory, adds support to create Android applications

Those students and apprentices who are studying any programming language will need the necessary tools that will allow them to practice these languages ​​in order to improve themselves over time, achieve coding skills and make better applications with the practice. Programr is an online platform that will allow you to practice coding through your own browsers, supporting a series of high-level programming languages, and which already supports the programming of applications for the Android mobile platform.

In this way, those who are interested in knowing and knowing how to create applications for the Android platform, will be able to encode, compile and share their own applications, all through their own web browsers, with the advantage that the compilation will be done online, finally being able to obtain the necessary APK that they can spread by the media they want, from sharing it among their friends to publishing it on Google Play. In addition, there is the social component, since it allows collaboration in the development of several users, which will allow them to review the code and add features in real time, and even those who wish to can create new applications based on the existing ones.

But Programr is not going to stop at the support for the Android platform, since it will soon provide support for the creation of applications for the iOS platform, and also to create applications focused on the social network Facebook.

Programr acts as an online programming laboratory that with the novelty will not have been able to withstand the avalanche of users, which at the moment makes it offer its service on a regular basis, sometimes being completely down.

Link: Programr | Goes: TechCrunch