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Programmer of games and mobile applications, without unemployment

Programmer of games and mobile applications, without unemployment

This is reported by Wiseri, an employment platform specialized in profiles of new technologies and the Internet, where they show us that developers of mobile apps and video games constitute one of the most demanded professional roles.

Although many companies request very specific training (in addition to Computer Engineering, a master’s degree in artificial intelligence or augmented reality is usually necessary to work in highly reputable companies), there is knowledge that all of them need from a professional: programming and design. with tools such as Dreamweaver, Flash or Photoshop, as well as AS3 and AS2 codes, for the development of video games and iPhone and Android systems for the development of mobile applications.

The experience, however, is not so decisive; the mean age is one to three.

In the note sent he also refers to Madrid and Barcelona as key cities and to the little option to telework (something incomprehensible today).

[…] Madrid and Barcelona as the main cities in which the rise of this profession is developed, whose employment in Spain grew by 26% on average between 2002 and 2010. Telework, for its part, is not yet a common option in this field, but every More and more companies are adopting this methodology.

Designer or developer of video games, design, modeling and 3D animation, developer of design or drawing and animation software … professions that do not want to know about crisis.

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