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Programmer creates an AI that changes its screen when the boss approaches

Programmer creates an AI that changes its screen when the boss approaches

Programmer creates an AI that changes its screen when the boss approaches

A developer has developed the perfect AI for those of us who hate when the boss comes by to see what we’re doing.

Yes, surely you have ever had to deal with such a boss; of those who do patrols, secretly checking that we are not watching kitten videos on YouTube.

The best to detect the boss before he rages on us

If you have ever felt a look in the back and you did not like it, surely you will love what Hiroki Nakayama did at his job: develop an Artificial Intelligence.

Nakayama assures that the motivation was simple:you feel uncomfortable when your boss suddenly appears. You could use Alt + Tab to switch windows easily; but that behavior is even more suspicious, and forces you to be aware of their movements.

So he did what anyone else would do with his knowledge; a neural network that uses machine learning to find out if your boss is approaching your cubicle. A mechanism that has called heads sensor.

A strategically placed camera captures the faces of all the people approaching the workplace; an AI detects if the face belongs to the boss, and if so, change the screen to one more related to work.

How Boss Detector AI Works

It sounds simple, but of course it is not. First you had to develop an application in Python and OpenCV to detect the faces that appear in the video in real time; perhaps the easiest of the process.

Once the system detects a face, it is time to check if it is the boss. For this Nakayama tried the latest fashion, machine learning; That means that he had to collect a huge amount of images from Google, Facebook and other media. In fact, Nakayama jokes saying that surely he has more photos of his boss than his parents.

Although he could have used some face recognition web service, this programmer preferred to develop his own; For this we used Keras, a library to create neural networks.

Finally, he took a screenshot of his work environment, and made when the neural network captures its boss, the screen will show the image; Maybe it would have been more convincing if he changed windows on his own, but I suppose an image can be worth it if the boss is just taking a walk.

Apparently, the boss detector works perfectly, and has already saved you more than a hassle to Nakayama. Now you can download the program and try it on your own, although who knows, you may do better to dedicate that time to your work. No, I don’t want to accuse anyone of anything; in return, don’t tell my boss what he was doing instead of writing this article before.