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Privy – create promotional campaigns for your potential clients

Privy - create promotional campaigns for your potential clients

There is no doubt that times change, and technologies represent a new path of business opportunities even for traditional businesses, which must be updated on current technological tools in order to get customers to whom they can sell their products and services

With just over a year behind it, Privy can be a technological tool to consider, since it allows traditional businesses to create their own promotional campaigns, reaching not only the official sites of the businesses themselves, but also to social platforms and through email lists. In this way, it will facilitate potential clients to have promotional coupons that will go mobile in hand to the physical establishments of said businesses to purchase the goods and services offered with said coupons, Privy taking care of everything related to transactions.

Unsurprisingly, despite Privy being a free service, its source of funding comes from sales commissions of 15%, paying merchants the remaining 85% of sales. But in addition, it also offers detailed reports on campaign performance as well as tips for improving for future promotional campaigns.

A help that never hurts traditional businesses in order to be more competitive.

Link: Privy | Goes: TNW