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primalogik 360, web tool to carry out 360 degree evaluations in companies


Gabriel Dominguez, one of the founders of Primalogik 360 (, presents the Spanish version of this web tool that allows organizing 360-degree evaluations. The idea is that anyone can obtain anonymous opinions about their work performance, thus receiving the sincere feedback from colleagues, subordinates and supervisors.

Originally released in English and French, and with a free version limited to 10 users, the program allows you to see the level of participation in the surveys, sending an email to participants invited to provide comments and reminders when the deadlines are close.

This type of project is usually applied in companies, often to evaluate managers and executives (evaluation upwards), although 360 feedback can be applied at any level within the company hierarchy, thus helping to make more objective decisions about the performance of workers and their ability to adapt within the company.

From the web platform, surveys can be sent, the system will collect the responses and automatically access the results. The price is proportional to the number of users required, based on monthly payment during the use of the platform.