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Prevent one-click upgrade to Windows 10 with Never10

How to remove app suggestions from the Start menu in Windows 10

How to remove app suggestions from the Start menu in Windows 10

You have pending upgrade to Windows 10 but don’t you want to make the jump? There are several ways to avoid it, but Never10 disables it completely in one click.

Since Microsoft They are very happy with the adoption that Windows 10 is having, since the latest version of their operating system has hundreds of millions of devices present, and part of that distribution success comes from being a free update.

All users of Windows 7 and 8 have the opportunity to move to the latest version, but of course, everyone wants ?.

Prevent Windows 10 from installing itself

The truth is that Windows 10 is not perfect, there are very happy users and others who do not want to see it even in paint. The problem comes when the notifications that you can already update, updates do not stop appearing or, what is worse, Windows 10 Becomes a update that installs itself.

We have already seen how to avoid this, how to block Windows 10 update on our computers, at least until we decide it’s time.

And it is not the only method, since we can also continue updating our system through Windows Update, but block specific updates there that will make Windows 10 install only on your system.

Never10 prevents upgrade to Windows 10

The downside of these tricks is that they are not very comfortable for all users, especially those who, due to fear or ignorance, do not dare to explore these options in case they touch something they should not. An alternative to the above is Never10, an ultra-simple program that prevents updating Windows 10 on computers with W7, W8 and W8.1.

never10 block windows 10 update

It has been created by developer Steve Gibson, an expert security researcher, and is for all audiences, even the least (or not at all) experienced.

The Never10 program weighs only 81k and it’s as simple as pressing Disable Win10 Upgrade (Deactivate the update to Windows 10) or Enable Win10 Upgrade (activate it again). On his website he explains technically what Never10 does (in short, he checks that you don’t have an Enterprise version and makes some changes to the registry).

Never10 website and download

Also indicate that your antivirus may detect that it is a threat, but there is no problem.

Free up space after upgrading to Windows 10

And if you have already upgraded to Windows 10, you may be interested in going through the following article, in which we explain how free up more than 20GB of space on your hard disk that is occupied by temporary files and the old version of Windows.