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Presentation of the Windows Phone today, at 5, in Madrid

Presentation of the Windows Phone today, at 5, in Madrid

Many say that in 2013 there will be more Internet connections made from mobile devices than from traditional PCs. That means that our mobiles, and their respective browsers, are, and will increasingly be, the protagonists of a new website that has been brewing for a long time.

On October 13, the new Microsoft mobile operating system was presented in Spain, Windows Phone 7, created from scratch (not an evolution of Windows Mobile) and designed for the web world.

He HUB contacts, integrates both phone and Hotmail or Facebook contacts, accessing each one indistinctly and being able to carry out direct actions such as posting on the wall of each of them. With the device we can play on xbox live, being able to stop a game on Windows Phone and resume it from the Xbox or buying games from its Marketplace. Windows Phone integrates Zune, a multimedia player with which you can enjoy music and movies, also allowing sync content with the PC using a desktop client that allows organizing it.

The fact is that today, October 21, Windows Phone is launched in Spain hand in hand with Movistar in the Telfonica Flagship Store using the model LG Optimus 7. We can find it on sale from 17:00 on Gran Va 28 and, if we are one of the first 100 people to buy a device, we can take an Xbox.

We can find all the information related to the launch in the official channel of Windows Phone Spain on Facebook, where the environment in the queue during the launch and the first users who get their Windows Phone will also be broadcast live.

Later include the video so that you can follow it live from here.