javascript contador Saltar al contenido adds remote control 2.0 to your presentation system

So that you do a little memory, a few months ago we talked about, a tool to make presentations remotely in real time without the need for a video conference and in a professional way, needing only a browser to view the content.

Now the team is in contact with Wwwhatsnew to present their new remote control 2.0, or what is the same, the new control of our presentations using the smartphone. Start exposing require the same system as always, and we will be sent a text with a link to make our presentation can be controlled from the phone.

For this you will also have to upload the presentation to, click on Options / Settings and activate the option use mobile phone as controller. When we activate the presentation, it will be as simple as starting to use the phone as a remote control.

Other new features included in this new version of the tool are less presentation load time and the possibility of presenting with voice and video in HD. To use the service and see the payment options you can click here.