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Powerup 3.0 – A paper airplane flying controlled by a smartphone


One of the most eye-catching Kickstarter projects of the year, a $ 50,000 project that has already been in operation for over 700,000 in just a few weeks – a device that plugs into any paper plane to transform it into a remotely controlled vehicle with an app for iPhone and Android.

You can see the demo video below, although I like the report that they have presented on Yahoo News. The idea is to incorporate a small propeller, a sensor system and a mini-battery so that the flight of a paper plane is much more sophisticated, allowing you to control all movements by moving your finger on the application that will be available in the two most popular operating systems. in the smartphone world (in fact it can already be seen on iTunes, although it has not yet reached Google Play).

PowerUp 3.0 is his name, officially presented at and ready to start distributing it for 30 dollars to all those who request it on Kickstarter (adding 20 to those who request it from outside the United States). Shai Goitein is its manager, inventor and pilot who, surely, did not expect such acceptance worldwide.

Anyway, we leave you with the video so you can do the math: