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PowerInbox launches RemoveMe to unsubscribe from GMail, Yahoo and Outlook


As we have mentioned on multiple occasions, PowerInbox is a tool that offers us additional functionalities to increase interactions with the email messages that arrive in our inboxes via the web, supporting multiple email services as well as some current web browsers. In addition to allowing us to reply to tweets, comment on photos or even accept new LinkedIn connections, PowerInbox has just launched its new tool called RemoveMe, which as we can already intuit, allows us to remove subscriptions that we do not want to know anything else about. .

RemoveMe is a service that is offered for free and the only thing we have to do is install the corresponding extension or plug-in for our web browser, taking into account that, according to the company itself, RemoveMe supports all modern web browsers .

Once we have the extension or plug-in installed, we just have to go to our inboxes, either Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo, and check how each button bulletin entry we receive will show us a button just by placing the cursor over and that will allow us to unsubscribe from the subscription to which it belongs, although on the other hand, if we open each message individually, a button will appear at the top to also allow us to unsubscribe from the subscription itself. Please note that it does not work on all email subscriptions, although it does on the most popular subscriptions.

Although there are other tools that help us to unsubscribe from the email subscriptions to which we are subscribed, RemoveMe is an option to consider, as indicated by TNW, thanks to its complete gratuitousness and simplicity of use.