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Polysophy, platform to find innovative solutions based on crowdsourcing

Polysophy, platform to find innovative solutions based on crowdsourcing

Polisofa is an interesting initiative that arises under the concept of crowdsourcing, which proposes us to be part of a community, where we can participate in different ways.

If we are part of an NGO, institution, company or some state agency, we can turn to Polisofa to present different challenges in search of innovative solutions for specific needs. These challenges are presented to the community seeking the most innovative and creative solution.

By being part of the Polisofa community we can present our proposals, leave comments for the development of other ideas, or vote for those that we think deserve to be highlighted. In the last instance, the best proposals are chosen by a jury that belongs to the entity that submitted the challenge.

This open innovation platform not only has great benefits for entities, since they will get a range of innovative proposals and a viable solution for their needs, but also for users whose proposals are successful. In addition to receiving recognition for having contributed to an important entity in the community, they will have different awards.

You have to keep in mind that the challenges that are posed are real, therefore require that the proposals that are put forth require research, study, development and above all creativity to give an innovative solution. An important detail is that Polisofa protects the intellectual property of your ideas.

Candela Mosse (Product Manager of Polisofa) told us that it is the first platform with these characteristics in Latin America, which allows NGOs and entities from both the public and private sectors to participate. It will be launched at the end of April with challenges to participate in, but we can already leave our email to receive information.

Link: Polysofa