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Pokemon Go may be messing up your smartphone's GPS accuracy

Pokemon Go may be messing up your smartphone's GPS accuracy

Pokemon Go may be messing up your smartphone's GPS accuracy

A GPS bug in Pokmon Go may be affecting not only the game, but also the other applications on our device.

Among all the achievements that Pokmon Go has achieved, there is one that we have not yet talked about: it has made many people find use of the integrated GPS in most current smartphones.

Yes, the GPS was useful to indicate our location while we tweeted and to record the position in which we take photos, but, when was the last time we saw an innovative use of this component? Even for many people, Pokmon Go was the first time that they activated GPS.

How the GPS bug in Pokmon Go can affect you

Being such a fundamental part of the game, based on our location to find new Pokémon and areas of interest, we might think that the developers of Niantic paid special attention to GPS, but a recently discovered bug has revealed that the implementation leaves something to be desired. .

The bug, discovered on reddit, implies that our device is unable to record our exact location, and instead only records an approximate location (usually by the position of the public Wi-Fi networks to which the device connects or by the position of the telephone antennas) which is by no means as accurate as the original .

The next pictureshows two walks along the same route registered with Map My Run; the left part represents the walk as recorded by the smartphone without Pokmon Go started, and the right part is the same route but with Pokmon Go activated:

As you can see, the differences are clear. The image on the right looks like a simplified version of the tour, and instead of recording all the turns and twists and turns, it represents straight lines, more or less on the original route.

The problem seems to be related to the moment in which our device connects to the GPS satellite, but there are still aspects of the bug that we are not aware of.

But without a doubt, the most important thing of all is that this bug does not only affect the operation of Pokmon Go, but when the app is started (even in the background), it affects the entire device, and all apps will receive the same wrong location.

Another bug related to GPS is that, if we block our smartphone while we have Pokmon Go started with GPS activated, continue using the GPS connection and using a lot of battery; so if we have stopped playing for a moment, we lock the phone and put it in our pocket, when we turn it on again we can find that we have no battery left. The funny thing is that this happens although Pokmon Go does not register that movement; that is, it uses GPS for nothing.

One possible explanation for this bug is that Pokmon Go is quite demanding on the device’s RAM, and if our smartphone is old or does not have enough memory, give priority to the Niantic game. So other applications may experience problems when trying to access the GPS. Until now those who have encountered the same problem had relatively old phones (like a Nexus 5), although the bug also appears, not so often, on recent devices.

Have you had similar problems with GPS and Pokmon GO?