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Pokémon Go has full access to your Google account: this is the solution

Pokémon Go has full access to your Google account: this is the solution

Pokémon Go has full access to your Google account: this is the solution

Pokmon go keep talking and not all is good news: a game programming error gives you access to your entire Google account. So you can avoid it.

Who was going to say that the game from Nintendo and Niantic was going to make headlines in the media around the planet and managed to catch (get it?) Millions of users around the world.

More merit even if we consider that Pokmon Go is not yet officially available globally and that its deployment has been delayed a few days more by the collapse of the servers.

Pokmon Go is a success, but it is not perfect

We could say that Niantic and Nintendo have succeeded with Pokmon Go, it is not a perfect game because it uses too much battery and it has functions that still have to be improved, but its reception has been such that it has become a phenomenon and is a clear candidate to be the game of the year.

There are millions of users who have launched to install Pokmon Go by non-official channels (that is, from sources that are not the official application stores), this has caused some undesirables to modify the APK files to include malware Able to take control of phones, make calls and send messages.

If you have already installed Pokmon Go you will know that to use it you must create a Nintendo Pokmon trainer account or log in with your Google account. This second method is the most used because it is fast and simple and, in theory, we can trust the game, since it is not an unknown application.

Pokmon Go has full access to our Google account

The surprise has come when it has been known that by doing this we give Pokémon Go full access to our Google account. What does this mean? Well this is how Google defines full access:

If you allow full access, the application will be able to see and modify almost all the information of your Google account, but it will not be able to change the password, delete the account or make payments on your behalf with Google Wallet.

Typically, the applications and services in which we log in with Google only have access to certain functions, such as the basic information in our profile, to specific services (such as Drive or Docs). Why does Pokmon Go want access to our entire Google account?

Not at all, it doesn’t make sense and Niantic has recognized it. After discovering this, the game developers have communicated that it is a programming error and that affects only those iOS users.

So you can remove Pokmon Go access to Google account

Pokmon Go mistakenly requests full access to the Google account, but in theory you only need to access the basic profile information. They have already started working to fix it and they have verified with Google that Pokmon Go has not been accessing or collecting other data than the basic ones.

While Niantic fixes it,here’s how you can remove that access total:

  • Enter the section of applications connected to your Google account.
  • Find Pokmon Go and hit Delete to revoke access.