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Pocket simplifies the task of saving and sharing articles from Android


The Pocket team has released an interesting update for its Android application, which aims to simplify the process of saving and sharing articles from our devices.

Now when we browse the web and want to keep an article for later reading through Pocket, we will have shortcuts that will also allow us to tag and share the information by email. All this, through Quick Save Actions that we will see in a pop-up window with these three options.

For Quick Save Actions to appear in our browser window, we only have to use the Share option, choose Pocket, and it will automatically appear for a few seconds on the screen. By using the tagging option or sending an email, we will be directed directly to the application, without any extra action.

If we do not want to use any of the options we simply let it disappear or touch any part of the screen. It is a more than interesting integration that can be useful in our daily routine online from our Android device.

This update has been available since yesterday, so we can test it the next time we use Pocket, and if we don’t have it installed and want to give the application a try, we can download it from Google Play.