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We may have an image of ourselves that does not correspond to the image that our social environment has of us. To get what they think of us, Plusrated can be our great ally.

Basically, what allows us Plusrated is create our own profile to be evaluated by our acquaintances for a specific objective, so that in it we will introduce those skills, both those that we are good at and those that we are bad at. These are the skills that our acquaintances should evaluate and advise anonymously, having several ways to reach them, from email addresses to social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

Finally, we will have a series of statistics for each of our skills, in addition to advice received, to know more exactly what they think in our environment of each of these skills, which we will take into account to meet our objective.

We can create different profiles according to objectives we have to meet. On the negative side, in the messages that reach our contacts, in order to evaluate, they are urged to register anyway, although their evaluations will be anonymous.