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Playfulbet, using free dummy points to place sports bets and win gifts


Paco Maldonado, from, tells us about this social game of sports betting that, after obtaining 100,000 euros of financing during this year (investment made by the investment partners of, they work to continue transforming a free platform into a game in which prizes such as electronic devices or gift cards can be obtained in various establishments.

Users can place bets, challenges or tournaments directly from the application, created by Cristian Planas, as a programmer and Pol Ruiz, as a strategic manager and expert in online betting, in September 2012. Today there are already 7 people, after being finalists in November 2011 in the Banesto Foundation’s annual contest for young entrepreneurs, to win the investment forum First Tuesday in March of this year and to obtain in May the financing that we discussed earlier.

They define the project as a combination between Gambling and Gaming. The platform has its own currency coins They are achieved by playing with other users, watching promotional videos or registering at bookmakers. This has an impact on direct benefits, since they charge commissions from the companies that carry out the campaigns.

They already have 45,000 registered users, 16,000 fans on Facebook and 7,600 followers on Twitter, so it seems that we will continue to hear about Playfulbet for a long time.