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Play the piano with Google and its Artificial Intelligence

Play the piano with Google and its Artificial Intelligence

Play the piano with Google and its Artificial Intelligence

With the new Google experiment it is possible to play a song with Artificial Intelligence. Bring out the musician inside you with the perfect companion.

If there is a page that you should visit if you are interested in what an AI can do, it is A.I. Experiments. The Google project collects small games, applications and tools that use machine learning.

The AI ​​that creates melodies that complement yours

It is nothing serious, of course, but therein lies its genius; An AI capable of analyzing an object and explaining how it is said in another language has a clear utility. While another that creates songs based on what you record with the camera is very fun.

AI. Duet, the latest web app added to the page, pulls for the curious and funny. Is about a virtual piano, like many others that we can find online.

The only thing added is that we are not the only ones who play, but we will do a duet with an AI. The system recognizes our musical style and adapts appropriately; Just try playing a few notes, and then you’ll see the system answering with a melody that matches them.

The original idea starts with some rules; for example, if we play a Do, the AI ​​goes up to a Re; whereas if we play a series of ascending keys, play a descending series. But since there are too many possible combinations, this system use a neural network to learn from various key combinations and relates them to each other.

How to play a song with Artificial Intelligence

Now is when I say that my musical talent is null, so I really have not been able to verify if all this is true; when trying to play the simplest tune possible the AI ​​played seemingly random notes. So it is perfectly possible that my sense of rhythm is that of a watch with almost dead battery.

We can play the piano pressing the keys with the mouse, the touch screen, or we can even connect a MIDI keyboard.

If you are interested in knowing how it works, its creators have published the code on Github. It has been developed with Tensorflow, Tone.js and the Magenta project tools; created by the Google Brain team.