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Planet nemo – an interactive magazine to develop children’s intelligence

Planet nemo - an interactive magazine to develop children's intelligence

Planet Nemo is presented as a fun, safe and smart way to interactive children’s magazine in flash format.

The web can be accessed in two ways: freely or by subscription. The difference is that for people who access for free the content is always the same and those who subscribe receive the content equivalent to a CD-ROM every month. However, the free part offers a multitude of fun and varied materials that children can enjoy for hours.

The site presents the activities grouped into 6 large areas: games, discover, creation, communication, activities and surprises. All of them include videos and educational-educational proposals for children to develop skills such as language, mathematical logical intelligence and critical thinking.

All the activities on the web are designed to engage children, as they are accompanied by fun music and sounds in the style of cartoons and are available in more than 15 languages.

Planet nemo also features a own tv channel, Planet nemo tv, which presents videos to work on emotional intelligence in which the boy or girl has to decide what to do and discover the consequences of their choices.