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placeit, to create images of products displayed on different devices


A hand with a smartphone showing your website, or a laptop with your online store open, or several mobile devices in a meeting with the same app on their screens … is a web application that allows us to create personalized images with real situations showing mobiles and computers.

We just have to select the desired photograph from the dozens available in the side menu and upload the capture that we have on our computer. Placeit will adjust the size and perspective to make the effect as realistic as possible.

Depending on the use we make of the result, we will have to pay different amounts. There are some flow charts on its website showing the type of license we need to use it personally or commercially, there is a free option for those who do not need much resolution and refer to placeit in the medium in which they publish the photograph.

Ideal for advertising websites and marketing campaigns promoting applications and sites, although a similar result can also be obtained by acquiring a photograph in an image bank and using an editor to include the desired capture.