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Pixorial, the online video editor, incorporates new functions for importing and sharing media


Back in 2009 we discovered Pixorial, an online video editor that allows us to import video to add transitions to taste, change the format and export the result for free to publish on Facebook.

Pixorial is slow but sure, and now it announces a new improvement that adds importing of videos from different media and additional options to share the result. Starting right now, it will allow us to import multimedia material from Facebook, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Instagram, Gmail, Picasa, Dropbox and Flickr, in addition to the option we had previously to import directly from the PC, tablet or phone. Everything we import and transfer to Pixorial can be organized into albums, either private or public, to be shared and edited by other collaborators.

To create a video in Pixorial we will be able to add from the mentioned sources the recordings and images that we want to join, and so once inserted in the editor they can be ordered as preferred. In the middle of each element we can add transitions, chosen from a gallery that we will already find in the Pixorial itself and from which we can also add audio files so that they sound in the background (we can also insert our own audio). Another advantage that Pixorial offers us is the possibility of adding text in the photos and videos added using the overlay text option.

Recommended tool for those who want to make simple video edits without installations.