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PixiClip, a complete tool for drawing, narrating, adding messages and sharing our drawings


We discovered a useful tool to make drawings, add voice and video in them and with the possibility of sharing the result when finished: its name is PixiClip, and we can find in it a creative space in which to draw whatever we want with the extra option to talk and tell what we want while we carry out the process.

PixiClip is still a blank canvas that we can use online, directly from the web. To begin, we will see that the first option that we are given to choose is to either add a video message or add an audio message while we start and complete the drawing (we cannot use the canvas without doing one thing or another), recording that We can see, listen and manage using the record and restart buttons located below the canvas.

At the end of the joint work with the recording, we can choose to request a embed To add the composition on our websites and blogs, or if we prefer to share it by other means, do it through different social networks.

We will be able to use the service without the need for registration, although if what we want is to edit the work afterwards, we should create an account in PixiClip (free, and created in less than a minute). For now it is in beta, but practically we can access all the tools offered by the service.