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Pinterest will offer related pins based on our activity


Related content is a way for users to discover and access new similar content, and in this sense, Pinterest has announced the incorporation of this content into its own service, integrating it within our main page. The relationship of related pins that we will receive will be related depending on the pins that we already have on our own boards and those pins that we have marked with the corresponding likes, among other variables.

It is a new way that makes it easier for us to discover new pins so that we can incorporate them into our own boards, although it may be the case that some of them do not interest us, so that we can use the votes to vote negatively, although in otherwise, we can vote positively. In other words, we can give each related pin a positive vote or a negative vote depending on whether we are interested or not, which will allow Pinterest to fine-tune the related pins that we offer according to our personal preferences.

Nor should we fear for the saturation of the related pins, since initially, we will only offer a few, so that users can continue to be comfortable using their service, adapting to these changes.

In this way, for example, if we have a collection of cinema cards of any genre on one of our own boards, the related pins will give us an impetus to improve this collection with new material that we will discover and that we do not have included in our own collection.