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Pinterest vs. Google + impossible to keep a single social network!

Pinterest vs. Google + impossible to keep a single social network!

We already wanted to face the analysis of two of the giants of Social Media, let’s go there, Google + vs. Pinterest! Antagonists or complementary?

SWOT Pinterest

We started with the image social network, Pinterest came into our lives and caused an explosion. Not in vain we live immersed in a consumption model in which the central axis is emotions. Pinterest has only grown since its staging and is already considered an indispensable social platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

Today’s consumer buys emotions and images are essential to bring about the impact that associates a sensation with an emotion, it is much easier for customers to remember companies whose images impact the heart of their needs, than through words.

We therefore agree that one of the greatest strengths that Pinterest provides us is in its images, although this is also a weakness for brands that do not complement their audiovisual content with added value delivery, blog, Newsletter, infographics, etc.

SWOT Google+

For its part, Google + has its greatest strength in the segmentation of its content through circles, which allow not only to identify different needs, but also what is even more relevant for brands, to properly segment their social action that the information obtained is translated into actions of increasing participation = innovation.

Although without a doubt, the main advantage of active participation in Google+ is found in the indisputable improvement of search results.

Pinterest vs. Google +

Yes, they both have strengths and weaknesses, which one should we use? It all depends on the objectives we pursue in our social strategies. Brands, specifically micro-enterprises and SMEs, have a great ally on Pinterest, although it is also true that any brand in any market that is capable of creating its message in images, You could take advantage of the underlying emotions triggered by the visual content.

Google + is a more suitable social network for sharing, although it is also real that the content published on the images’ social network can serve as a starting point to start meetings where the strengths and weaknesses of the different campaigns of the marks.

To finish, it is necessary to take into account a minor aspect of both social networks; While the social network of images is mostly made up of a female audience, on Google+ the opposite is true. What must be taken into account when analyzing the segmentation of our target.

Conclusions; As always, we cannot but recommend the maximum use of the ubiquity that the network gives us.

Without a doubt, it is much more complete to have specific marketing strategies for our target on each of the social platforms. This way we make sure we are where our clients are!

Now … Pinterest: more than 80% are women and the markets are eminently linked to decoration, fashion and aesthetics, while on Google+ more than 63% are male service providers linked to new technologies. Does your company have a similar segmentation? The study, knowledge and segmentation of our target, allows us to identify which platform we should put more emphasis on, even if we are, it is recommended to be on all platforms and channels where our audience is!

I leave you with the article published on the hubspot blog, it is very interesting.