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Pinterest presents a tool to mark places of interest on a map


Pinterest has just announced on its blog the inclusion of a mapping system in its social bookmarking system.

From now on, it will be possible to geographically locate our pins by clicking on Add Map within the panel we are creating, including contact details of the place we are identifying.

The goal is that boards, the panels where we have stored the information we store, become routes that can be used when organizing our trips. We can, for example, have a map with the most relevant tourist places in a city and save them classified for easy reference.

It is possible to create this type of panel between several people, always with the idea of ​​facilitating the organization of a trip.

This new feature depends on the technology of Foursquare and Mapbox, since it uses their APIs to detect new places. The funny thing is that it depends on how we look at it is an interesting FourSquare competition, where millions of users can start to mark places as favorites, make recommendations and highlight the most visited, commenting and giving votes to the most picturesque places.

A great step for an application that has not shown any relevant news in its system for a long time.