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Pinterest launches its first API for the integration of pins in third-party services


Pinterest has just launched its first API with the idea that developers can integrate the most prominent pins on their respective websites, counting from the outset by a series of partners from major brands that have done the same in their respective spaces. In this way, users can go to these spaces to know the most prominent pins in a series of areas, for example, in they can access the most popular recipes from the main page, or from they can see the shoes most liked by the Pinterest community. And not only that, but also, from these spaces, users can also take those pins they want to their own boards.

The pins will be constantly updated, both from within these spaces and within their respective mobile applications, so users will always access the most prominent pins at all times.

Regarding the announcement on the Pinterest for Business blog, they add that in the coming weeks they will launch additional APIs to allow the integration of different groups of pins on the pages of the partners, including APIs for the domain itself as the most prominent repins, the newer pins, related pins, the most clicked through pins and pins for specific search terms. They invite stakeholders to sign up for more information. The same announcement ends with the promise to continue improving the tools available to all developers, with the idea of ​​offering the best user experience for Pinterest users.

Let’s say that Pinterest begins to expand on the web allowing this integration, giving its first API the first step to begin to have a greater presence, both on the websites of current partners and those of future partners.