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Pinterest is already in the stores created with

Pinterest is already in the stores created with

Pinterest is already considered by many to be the 2012 social network. According to Comscore analyst Andrew Lipman, Pinterest is the first social network to reach 10 million visitors in such a short time: neither Google, nor Facebook, nor Twitter did it. Data like these have caused Pinterest to be proclaimed as the next big player in the Social Commerce sector due to the large amount of traffic it is generating and the showcase it represents for merchants and their products.

Currently, Pinterest is already the fifth platform that sends the most traffic to e-commerce, behind Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Yahoo! Thus, the suggestions, advice or recommendations on the products that appear on said platform have a high level of influence on a subsequent purchase. This fact is due to different reasons. Firstly, its product segmentation by the themes given to the boards, enhances the interaction between brands and users interested in certain products, increasing engagement and traffic directed to connection points with their brands. Today, 90% of all purchases have some social influence in one way or another, and acts such as liking a product on Pinterest can increase the brand perception of said product by 246%. Likewise, 68% of Pintreest visitors are women and it is they who drive 85% of their traffic to that network (according to data from a Comscore study). In this sense, a report by Fleishman-Hillard, Hearst and Ipsos Mendelsohn affirms that women are the greatest opinion makers, the most influential in networks, another reason for Pinterest’s potential as a purchasing decision maker.

Pinterest’s exponential growth joins that of Social Commerce. The latter is expected to generate this year 9 billion dollars in transactions and it is estimated that it will reach 14 billion dollars in 2013. We are facing two social phenomena that are sure to play a decisive role in the current new commercial systems. Pinterest is emerging as a very good opportunity to take advantage of a new way to attract customers to social businesses, using hypersegmented content and recommendations from other users, thus achieving higher conversion rates.

In this sense,, aware of the potential of this emerging social network, has incorporated the Pin it button in its stores on Facebook. In this way, it allows consumers to share their favorite products on the most visual social network, viralizing them and stimulating an increase in traffic to the store. This is an initiative that brings an even more social nuance to Socal-Buy’s Facebook stores, favoring both the interests of sellers and consumers.

Likewise, with this new integration, evidences its commitment to adapt the application to new market trends, with the aim of offering a 100% social shopping experience to store users.

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