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Pinterest creates the Shazam that identifies objects

Pinterest creates the Shazam that identifies objects

Pinterest creates the Shazam that identifies objects

What’s new on Pinterest is an app to detect objects that we can define as the Shazam of photos; It sounds strange, but it is very interesting.

Shazam has created a school, and for good reason: it’s an amazing idea. Everybody has ever come across a song whose name they didn’t remember, or an artist they wanted to discover more about. So it is not strange that other developers try to apply that idea to more things; Although it doesn’t always make sense, or success.

The Shazam of objects

Lens is one of these imitators? who want to take away that feeling that we have it on the tip of our tongues; It’s been developed by Pinterest, and the association with images and photos is clear from the get-go.

Instead of detecting sound, Lens uses the machine vision and machine learning to detect objects in photographs and suggest names. Point the phone at some shoes, and the app will tell you that they are shoes. Okay, it sounds kind of stupid, but the idea makes more sense when we talk about less common things.

For example, according to Pinterest it is possible to use the tool to photograph a grenade; It is not a very common fruit, so it is understandable that if we see one we do not instantly remember its name. The app not only manages to detect the grenade, but also showssuggestions based on it; for example, recipes based on grenades, or tricks to peel grenades.

The true utility of an app to detect objects

There is the true utility of an app to detect objects; not so much in the fact of detecting them, but in offer contextual information Help us. We may never have peeled this fruit, or it may have been given to us and we don’t know what to do with it.

It also serves to indicate to Pinterest what we want; For example, if we take a photo of the night sky, I will search for similar photos on your network.

Pinterest has been working on the technology behind Lens for years, and for good reason; As one of the leading catalogs on the market, it has a large database with which can direct users to what they are looking for. And of course, it also shows items that we can buy using Pinterest.

Lens will be available within the Pinterest app throughout the US today; There is no release date in the rest of the world. Be available for iOS and Android.