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Pinstamatic, publish 6 different contents on Pinterest

Pinstamatic, publish 6 different contents on Pinterest

If you want to expand the content you share on Pinterest, and do it in an attractive way you can resort to Pinstamatic.

To use Pinstamatic you do not need to install any type of plugin, since you can from the same interface of the site choose the type of content you want to publish on Pinterest. For example, it allows you to take a screenshot of a website, just by pasting the URL in the Webside section

Do you want something more creative? You can post notes in post-it form. with the classic yellow color, just by choosing Sticky. Or if you want to share a famous quote or some interesting thought you can do it from Quote among three different templates that it suggests. And if you prefer to publish a location, you will also find a very creative way from Location

Any date that you would like to share? If you go to Calendar you will be able to choose a date and publish it in the form of a small calendar. It does not allow us to add any type of comment about the importance of that date for us, but we can solve it on Pinterest, adding a description to the image.

Would you like to post your tweets on Pinterest? You can do it from Pinstamatic if you choose Twitter. The design they have chosen to present our tweets is very beautiful, where you will see your profile and the last one you have published.

Link: Pinstamatic