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PingTune, mobile music messaging application [iOS 7]


Mobile device users are used to associating text messaging applications with our contacts, where in some cases we can include images or even videos or voice messages. What is not so common is to find mobile messaging applications focused on music, but it exists, and we have a clear example with PingTune, which is precisely defined as the music messaging application.

PingTune, previously called Tuneit, is available for iOS 7 and allows its users to search for music themes from YouTube and SoundCloud with the idea of ​​being able to send them to their own contacts, although they will not only be able to send complete musical themes, since they will be able to select fragments of them to highlight them to your contacts, for example, the choruses of some topics. It is clear that it is a specific mobile messaging application for the most music enthusiasts.

PingTune CEO Henry Firth tells TechCrunch that they developed PingTune as they saw that people were sharing music tracks through social media, having to copy links to tracks found through apps on mobile phones. In addition, it ensures that the business model of the service itself may be based on the sale of songs in mp3 or even through the sale of products related to music.

PingTune is available through the App Store for iOS 7 devices. The version for Android devices is on the way, and we can be notified of it simply by leaving them our email address from its main page.