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Pingdom launches new Android app to monitor the health of our website


If we want to keep under control the moments in which our website has suffered a fall, as well as the possible reasons for it, it is necessary to have a panel that shows the status of the different variables that affect its load.

Pingdom ( has been working on this topic for a long time and now they offer a new application for Android, different from the one they already had on Google Play, which allows us to access our account in the system to monitor the status of our sites. simple and practical way.

This application sends alerts in the form of push notifications directly to our Android device, better analyzes the possible causes of each, reports the current status of all our monitored sites, tells us the response time of each registered website, allows you to quickly change accounts , generates reports … information quite useful so that we are always informed of what is happening on our site, ideal to be able to get in touch with our hosting service giving as much information as possible.

Of all the services that monitor website speed (here you have five), pingdom is one of the most popular and up-to-date. There are many options that monitor websites every few minutes to check whether or not they are available (here are others), but it is clear that Pingdom wants to remain the leader in its category.