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Picjumbo, free images for personal and commercial use


Picjumbo is a new option that we can take into account if we need illustrative material for our personal or work projects.

This proposal is based on a personal project by a web designer who decided to share his own high-resolution photographs so that anyone could use it for free. The images that we will find are incredible, and we have an interesting variety to discover.

The images are classified into different categories ranging from animals, nature, technology, weddings, people to architecture, among others. If we want to simplify the search for our image, we only have to use the search box to filter the results. Or we can subscribe to receive alerts about the new features that are presented.

As expressed by the creator of Picjumbo, we can use the photographs for any project we want, such as illustrating our design work, presentations, the background of an application, even in prints. And of course, an excellent option for those who have a blog or websites.

As in these cases where material is provided to us for free, a simple way to thank it is by giving the corresponding attribution. And if any user wishes to participate in this project, exposing their photographs to increase the proposals offered by the site, the invitation is open, as discussed in the FAQ.