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Photoshop genius shows what he's capable of

Photoshop genius shows what he's capable of

Photoshop genius shows what he's capable of

Reality or Photoshop? The photographic retouching And the skill of the artists sometimes make us doubt if what we are seeing is a scene in the real world, or is the work after many hours of editing.

Anyone can retouch a photo to a greater or lesser extent from the smartphone or from the computer, there are dozens of applications for all levels, from the most simple and direct ones that allow us to add a filter or make basic adjustments, to authentic professional tools for the ones that you have to dedicate many hours to fully master.

The last case of an artist who has stood out thanks to social networks has been that ofMax Asabin, a digital artist Russian with enormous skill with Photoshop who has been sharing his creations for a long time, but thanks to Reddit we have been able to know his work and it is spectacular.

Photoshop art and long hours of work

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In this gallery you can see more of Max’s works, as well as in his Devian Art profile from where there is also direct access to the rest of his social networks.

From what we see, the specialty of this digital artist is combine photos in totally different environments, playing with lighting and tones so that they are completely integrated. Curious about how he does it? Step by step videos of his creations in the form of his YouTube channel AsabinArtsube. SpeedArt, that is, an accelerated video of the entire process in which we see briefly the work of hours of touch-ups.

Whether you are interested in learning new and advanced photo editing techniques, or just like admire this type of work, in the / retouchingen subnet you will find dozens of digital creations and, specifically, here the works with before and after are uploaded.